Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder


Main Function:
– Softening blood vessel, prevent thrombosis, improve cardiovascular function
– Lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, promote blood circulation and micro-circulation
– Stable nervous system, improve sleeping quality
– Increase immune system, prevent allergic
– Control sugar level
– Control cholesterol
– Improve liver function; minimize the harmful effect of chemicals
– Promote metabolism, regulate blood sugar level
– Anti-oxidant, anti-aging
– Beauty function, reduce skin pigmentation, spot and reduce wrinkle
– Prevent and treat tumor

Who is this for?
– Cancer patients who are under chemotherapy
– Weak people whom just recover from serious illness
– People who suffer from anxiety, poor sleeping quality (insomnia), poor stamina and memory
– Diabetes, chronic disease
– Prevention for elderly and middle age people, anti-aging
– Teenager and lady that wish to keep slim, beauty
– Giddiness, headache, forgetful
– Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, reduce fat
– Stressful, pressure, smoking, drinking alcohol, poor liver function
– Hormone imbalance, menstrual disorder


Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Powder serves the main purpose of improving your immune system so that your body can be strong enough against diseases.


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