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At Icare, we believe that prevention is better than cure and natural treatment is always better than conventional medicine. We’re obsessively passionate about helping customers that are searching for an alternative for medicine, and our mission is to be their “ALTERNATIVE” to improve their health. We focus on developing and provide supplements with natural ingredients such as herbs ONLY. It’s our goal in providing high quality supplements that helps in easing customers pain. We’re excited to share our secrets and knowledge freely to our customers through our website, education and community.

Our Founding

Icare was founded by Ricky Koh in 2009. It was started as a natural supplement company and distributor for the majority of the Chinese Medical Clinics in Malaysia.  We held numbers of charity events to spread across nationwide on the benefits of consuming Chinese Medicine and provided free blood pressure and blood sugar level check-up ever since. 

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Numbers Speak For Themselves!

Product Categories
iCarelife best-seller Ganoderm Lucidum (known as LingZhi) are immune system booster where it makes me stronger against diseases. After consuming it, it helps in detoxing my body
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Certified Products

Our products are produced with Good Manufacturing Practice and made up of Natural Herbs.

Our Products Helps With A Variety of Diseases:

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